Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Support Shaunna

My wife's cousin Shaunna has entered a Modeling Competition sponsored by V Magazine and FORD Models. Please vote for her and help make her dream come true.

Voting is allowed once every twenty-four hours until June 30, so please come back and vote every day.

Here is what Shaunna said in her announcement about the contest:

"I am an aspiring model. I'm not quite there just yet. BUT, I am hopeful... This is what I want to do, hands down. But I haven't always felt this way. For years I've pushed away the thought of it because I simply did not have the confidence to try. Well, I got to college, saw an add for a casting call for a modeling organization through my school,thought, "what the hell, give it a shot," went and tried out, and got in! From there I did TWO runway shows and had professional photos taken only once (and only consisting of one head shot and one full body shot). I've been in contact with photographers in the area, but I have yet to get in for a real shoot. Since being involved in this organization, I have learned to build my confidence and ACCEPT what I had previously disregarded. I have learned a lot from those who have taught me how to become a better model and for this, I owe them a great big thank you! My journey is just beginning and I owe the 'push' to all my friends and family who have been so supportive and optimistic over the years. Your continuing support will help this girl's dream come true!!

This competition is based on the votes of YOU! There are no strings attached, you will not be asked for your name, email address, phone number, etc. Just a few clicks and you're done! It takes 2 minutes, I promise!! So, please, support me in this and I will forever be grateful. Tell your friends too! The more the merrier!! Invite everyone :) Thanks in advance to all of you who have already voted, will now vote, and will continue to vote. Much, much, much love to all of you!"

To vote Click the following link:


Then click on "View Submissions Vote":

Page through the various photos:

Until you see this one:

Click "Vote for me" under that photo, then "Vote for me" on the page that comes up with her photos.

Remember to go back and vote every day!

Thank you.


Shaunna said...

Danny, THANK YOU! The constant support that keeps FLOWING out of everyone is truly incredible. I am extremely thankful for your suppprt, THANK YOU times a million!

LarryC said...

I was pleased to vote for such a beautiful young lady! Good luck!