Friday, February 1, 2008

At Least Once Per Week

Hmm. . . . Apparently I'm not very good at this blogging stuff. I mean, I've left all my loyal readers hanging for 3 months without a single update. For me, the official end of sailing season is the crew BBQ. After that winter rolls into Chicago. Hobby on hiatus, short days, long nights, grey skies, cold weather, long dark commutes, snow covered car, road salt on everything, etc. This situation does not lend itself to creative thinking.

Don’t like that excuse? Ok how about this one:

I was procrastinating, but I was most certainly going to write about my road trip to nowhere in particular where Lisa and I tried camping in the Prius. Then she wrote about it on her blog, and I didn’t feel like repeating everything she said. Then I figured I’d write about my niece’s birthday party, but I procrastinated so long that Lisa ended up writing about that before I got to it. Family started asking when I’d post to my blog and I decided I’d probably write about my New Year’s Eve, but Lisa has already done that as well. I could write about the diet we’ve started again, but since Lisa has written about that, I won’t bother.

Enough with the excuses. Basically, I’ve been lazy, unmotivated, and procrastinating. My New Year’s Resolution (a month late) is as of this moment, to post to this blog a minimum of once per week.

There, that takes care of this week. I’ll try to have more captivating monologue available for you soon.